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Rank:             V.I.P
Costs:             5 Euro
Durationt:     30 Days
     Weapons:          All M9K Weapons
     Entitis:              All Drugs + PlayX access
     Commands:      Everything what ranks under V.I.P can do
          - @@@ [Message] (Message in the middle of the screen)
          - @@  [Message] (Message in chat)
          - !cloak/uncloak [Name] (Make invisible)
          - !god/ungod [Name] (Make invincible)
          - !hp [Name] [1-1000000] (Set your HP)
          - !ragdoll/unragdoll [Name] (Ragdoll someone)
          - !whip [Name] [How often] [Damage] (Whip someone)
          - !bring [Name] (Teleport someone to you)
          - !kick [Name] [Reason] (Kick a player from the server)
          - !vote "Titel" "Option1" "etc" (starts a vote)

Rank:           V.I.P+
Costs:           10 Euro
Duration:     30 Days
     Weapons:           All M9K Weapons
     Entitis:               All Drugs + PlayX access
     Commands:       Everything what ranks under V.I.P+ can do
          - !freeze/unfreeze [Name] (Freeze someone)
          - !hp [Name] [1-2147483647] (Set your HP)
          - !slap [Name] [Damage] (Whip someone)
          - !slay [Name] (Kill someone)
          - !sslay [Name] (Kill someone silently)
          - !send [Name] [Name] (Teleports player1 to player2)
          - !tp [Name] (Teleports someone to your crosshairs)
          - !spectate [Name] (Spectate someone)
          - !map [Exact Mapname] (Change the Map)
          - Can see hidden chat commands

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