The Server Rules
The standard rules for the server
- Spawnkilling is strictly forbidden and will be punished with a ban!
- Killing is allowed but not a spawn
- This is a build/kill server. That means do not kill players who have their physgun, gravity gun or toolgun
   out or who are obviously building. Only kill players who have their weapons out and are visibly death-

- Every kind of spamm is forbidden these include: Propspamm, Chatspamm and more
- Delete your unused props
- Every kind of hacking or cheating is forbidden
- The abuse of bugs is forbidden! Every bug has to be reportet
- Be polite! You want to be friendly treated
- Racism is strictly forbidden and will be punished with a permaban!
- No pornographic oder racist sprays
- Don't annoy other players
- No ads for other servers
- Don't lag or crash the server
- When you need help ask an admin with "@ [Message]"
- Respect what admins say and do what they say
- Mingejails are forbidden
- Don't ask for dupes
- Don't ask for ranks

Expression 2 Rules
- No E2's like Balls of  Steel, Blinder etc.
- No E2 hacks like a keypad hacker
- No invisible E2's

Admin Rules
- No admin abuse
- Ensure that all comply with the rules concern
- Even if a friend breake a rule you have to punish him!
- The server owner is free from the rules

After 12 hours playtime you get Member and you can use weapons